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Xtra WordPress Website Builder + RTL   Xtra Theme

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Xtra Theme WordPress Website Builder + RTL
Xtra Theme Purches

Xtra Theme is a cutting-edge, versatile, drag-and-drop enabled, and easy to use WordPress theme that can be used for any kind of website. It can be used to make websites for a range of markets and design types. If you’re a builder or a dressmaker looking for a chic website, look no further. With a passion of creativity at its core, the Xtra WordPress theme was developed. We are able to offer you stunning, contemporary patterns that we know you will love thanks to our collaboration with top artists.




Xtra WordPress Theme Main Features, Xtra Theme

Theme Color scheme

the sidebars and theme organization

Your emblem can be placed in the left, right, or middle.

Typography settings

The collection of 1000+ Google Fonts

support for font and weight selections

The themes come with font samples. Instantaneously, every font option is presented.

Indicate the line-height requirements for each typeface.

A unique hue should be used for the body, footer, sidebar, H1 to H6 headers, and all typefaces.

All fonts allow you to change the word spacing, font families, sizes, and margins.

a website’s loading screen Adding new article category options

Site configurations and architecture

For each widget, come up with a unique style.

Customize Title and Breadcrumbs

Unlimited backgrounds in boxed and broad forms, per page, post, or internationally.

Choosing a worldwide theme is an option.


Backgrounds for the website header bar with a parallax effect

There are choices for backdrop colors in columns 1 through 12.

Different colors can be used to accent the header’s many components.

Choose the social media icons that will appear in the banner and add your colors or the colors of your business.

total control over the size, outline, padding, and other features of the network icon.

Theme choices allow for simple adjustment of all borders.

support for level six drop-down menus

Adjust the widths of the other patterns and the side navigation.


Core Elements of the Xtra WordPress Theme | Xtra Theme

works with the most recent version of WordPress

WPaled, whimpered and aled, whined and aled, whined and

made using CSS3 and HTML5

Twelve unique auxiliary components



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