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Classic Editor Plugin  – WordPress Plugin

Classic Editor WordPress Plugin

The Traditional Editor plugin, which reinstates the “Edit Post” page and the older (or “classic”) WordPress editor, is officially maintained by the WordPress team. It enables the use of plugins that expand that screen’s size, include outdated meta boxes, or perform other actions using the old editor.


Classic Editor Plugin

Classic Editor Plugin WordPress

Due to the fact that Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin, if necessary, it will receive ongoing maintenance and support through at least 2022.

The additions made by this plugin include the following:

Administrators can set a default editor for all users.
Administrators can alter the default editors for users.
When this is allowed, users can choose which editor to use for each post.
A post always opens in the most recent editor, regardless of who made the last edit. This is essential to maintaining a consistent editing experience.

The Classic Editor plugin also has a number of filters that let other plugins control the settings and editor options for each post type and post.




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    Classic Editor Plugin – WordPress Plugin

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